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Baidu's post on its Weibo account reads "those searching for the beautiful always overcome those for the absurd," in a gesture to play down the scandal with the greater popularity of the much talked-about up-close picture of Pluto taken by space probe New Horizons.

The Internet watchdog also said later on Wednesday that they have summoned bosses from Sina and Tencent, the two companies running Weibo and We Chat, over the sex video and urged them to cooperate with relevant investigation.

It’s often difficult to see signs of adolescent sex trafficking. Boys, girls, transgender and gender-fluid youth may all be recruited.

Reliable estimates of the number of youth involved do not exist. Over 80% of victims in confirmed sex trafficking cases in this country are U. Data on the average age at which children first become involved is difficult to pin down.

They may also be recruited by a Facebook connection, an Instagram follower or someone they meet in an online chat room.Remember that 9 in 10 teens go online daily, and 1 in 4 say they are online “almost constantly.” Sexualized selfies and other images are frequently shared.Teens often comment on one another’s posts with flattering remarks that are sexualized in nature (“nice body,” “you’re hot,” “what a babe”).Websites, social networking sites and other online tools are being used not only to recruit youth, but also to facilitate trafficking and connect with customers.Here are four things all educators need to know about online sex trafficking.

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