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Compared with other common prejudices, ageism is rarely discussed.

“Ageism is a thing, just like racism and sexism, and it’s been under the radar for, well, forever,” said Todd D.

Labor statistics show that older job-seekers have more difficulty getting hired — which is why they are frequently advised to color their hair, update their wardrobes and lop the earliest jobs off their résumés.

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They’re in the advertising claims that have built a 0 billion “anti-aging” industry of skin creams, Botox injections, hair coloring, hair restoration and cosmetic surgery.Nelson, a psychologist at California State University.While researching the psychology of prejudice in general, Nelson noticed the scarcity of information about ageism.“Yet the reason it is positive is because of ageism”— its assumption that younger means better.“It is also pretty ridiculous, in my mind, to think that 50 and 30 are equivalent in any real way,” Brown said.

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