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Often they leave behind families saddled with medical debt.

Mote described the struggle in his community as part of a legacy of broken promises made by the U. – promises that the islanders displaced by the nuclear program would be able to return; that those relocated or sickened would be provided for; that the testing was for “the good of mankind.” America tested 67 nuclear bombs in the islands, Mote reminded me. ” * * * he way Mote tells it, he chased an old car tire to Oklahoma.

There’s a symphony orchestra, a local newspaper and a number of churches.

Grain elevators, meatpacking plants, and strip malls border the town before it falls away into farmland; to the south lies Vance Air Force Base.

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He also acts as an emissary between the Marshallese in Enid – many of whom don’t speak English – and the rest of the city.Enid was once home to the now-closed Phillips University, a religious school responsible for drawing the first Marshallese to the town in the 1970s.To newcomers from the humid islands, however, landlocked Enid is plenty strange, starting with the weather.Several other residents told me, in varying tones of incredulity, about seeing Marshallese walking through the snow in flip-flops.Most of the islanders in Enid live on the city’s eastern flank.

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