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“People who know me are still going to vote for me,” Weiner said, just before jumping into a car and motoring away.

“Anthony Weiner like a true sex predator promised Anonymous many things like a job at Politico and a condo in Chicago (a place they could meet up and have sex).

Long-distance relationships, standardization of smartphones as a principal form of communication, and broader availability of mobile connections have made sexting increasingly widespread.

The associated problems, however, can be manifold: Cyberstalking, blackmail, unintentional publication of private content, or bad faith on the part of the recipient. Sexting is seen as increasingly normalized given how many celebrities are doing it, as in the already classic case of the hacked nude images of Scarlett Johannson, among the many other stars caught, ahem, with their pants down.

So-called sexting—that is, remote online sex—consists of sending self-shot images or videos of a sexual nature to other people.

Ever more messaging services provide tools to protect the privacy and security of sexters, but no matter how many precautions you take, the risk that this content could fall into the wrong hands is in fact much higher than it seems.

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