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She asks where I was and I tell her I was busy drinking and flirting with the cute bartender down the block. Eyes light up about work…so she’s typical in that regard. I make fun of her for talking too fast, and she admits no one can keep up with her.Tells me how she’s been working 70 hours a week and has no life outside of work. She makes ,000 a year working probably on average 60 hours a week. I talk relatively fast myself, so I have no issue doing so and our conversation tends to keep a fast pace throughout the date.Generally rooms will be comfortable with en suite facilities.Full on paced trips are for travellers who like their holidays packed with activities and experiences, moving on quickly from place to place with lots of early starts and long, busy days.

Serbia depends on Russia for almost all of its natural gas.

She gave me her number after a few witty messages back and forth, and she drops a “hella.” I open the texting string with: From here it’s off to the races.

She’s sassy, but in a fun way; though I can tell America has definitely rubbed off on her (she’s been here 10 years). Around 3pm on Sunday she tells me she’s stuck at work and won’t be able to make it out that night. I’m okay with this – this is what I call a “good flake.” She gave me decent notice, apologized, gave a valid excuse, and asked for a reschedule.

However, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing her again and seeing how much my aggressive, yet non-asshole game can work on her. I am in the tentative stages of planning a 10 day trip to Europe in the spring of next year.

The money is nearly ready…it’s just a matter of picking the days out and booking my flight.

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