Outlook 2016 imap inbox not updating anzeigen sie sucht ihn Oldenburg

And Microsoft’s response has been typical – almost complete silence.You won’t find a Knowledge Base article detailing the problem, despite having been reported many, many times.We’d be interested to hear from readers who’ve tried this.Microsoft officially supports IMAP in Outlook but it’s always been a low priority.When you are using a Gmail IMAP account then things can be taken care of by using the SMTP server of Gmail.Things have changed quite drastically in Outlook 2013 with quite a few quirks of its own as well and therefor earned its own page: Setting the Sent Items folder for IMAP accounts in Outlook 2013To assign a folder as the Sent Items folder in Outlook 2010; If you are working with a Gmail account and are sending via the SMTP server from Gmail as well, then the Sent Items are automatically saved to the Sent Mail folder of your Gmail account already and nothing needs to be configured; not even when using Outlook 2003.Go to the Send/Receive tab and click ‘Send/Receive all Folders’ to force an IMAP synchronization.

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This works great, but my Sent Items are still stored locally and thus do not sync.

Here’s a summary of things to try if the above patch doesn’t help.

We’ve not been able to test these (because we can’t replicate the bug on any of our test machines).

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