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The trains resumed on 31 December 1976, unifying the country once more.

You too can easily travel the length of Vietnam using the reunification railway, a travel experience in its own right.

Over the last decade the Hanoi-Saigon train service has steadily improved with more trains & newer rolling stock.

Here are the principal services, there are additional trains at peak times such as the Tet holiday period in late January or February. Click here for interactive map of train, bus, ferry routes in Southeast Asia All these trains run every day except trains SE7 & SE8 which only run at busy periods.

However, the city centre is still officially called Saigon, which is the city's traditional and historic name.

In fact, the city appears as Sai Gon in all Vietnamese railway timetables, it will say Sai Gon on your train ticket and as you can see from the photo, it actually says 'Sai Gon' in big letters on the station itself. Vietnamese embassy visa section, 12-14 Victoria Road, London W8 5RD, tel. To apply for a Visa-on-arrival at any major Vietnamese airport you can use visa agency Note that e-visas don't seem to be valid for entering or leaving Vietnam by rail via Dong Dang, only by road via Doing Dang, you either need a proper visa or use the 15-day visa exempt arrangement as per the update below.

SE21, SE22, SE23, SE24: On certain dates you'll find additional seasonal trains. TN1, TN2: Air-con soft sleepers (4-berth, one car, older type), air-con hard sleepers (6-berth), air-con soft seats & ordinary hard seats.

SNT1, SNT2: Air-con soft sleepers (both older & newer types), air-con hard sleepers (both older & newer types), air-con soft seats.

Livitrans and Golden Trains operate private tourist sleeping-cars between Saigon & Nha Trang on trains SNT1 & SNT2, see the photo below.

Trains SE5 & SE6 were re-equipped with the latest modern seats cars & sleeping-cars in January 2018.

SE7, SE8: Only runs at busy times, ask an agency if it's running a month or two ahead SE19, SE20: Air-conditioned soft sleepers, air-conditioned hard sleepers, air-conditioned soft seats, air-conditioned hard seats, ordinary hard seats.

Note that at busy times, for example Tet & high summer, these Livitrans & Violette cars may run in trains SE5/SE6 rather than SE1/SE2, so check when booking.

Livitrans & Violette tickets are bookable at 12Go.

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