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The result of running out of Apache processes over the entire Facebook web tier is not pretty, nor is the dynamic configuration of the Apache process limits enjoyable.Fault tolerance is a desirable characteristic of any big system: if an error happens, the system should try its best to recover without human intervention before giving up and informing the user.However, gels are not only used to prevent moisture ingress.[…] Continue reading Working proactively towards the needs of customers wherever they are located in the world is firmly anchored in Hellermann Tyton’s philosophy.Having a large-number of long-running concurrent requests makes the Apache part of the standard LAMP stack a dubious implementation choice.

This isn't by any means a new technique: it's a variation of Comet, specifically XHR long polling, and/or BOSH.This is wildly inefficient to the point of being untenable, given that the average number of friends per user is measured in the hundreds, and the number of concurrent users during peak site usage is on the order of several millions.Surfacing connected users' idleness greatly enhances the chat user experience but further compounds the problem of keeping presence information up-to-date.[…] Continue reading Virtual reality (VR) is inspiring and has an enormous range of possible industrial uses: learning to fly without ever having to take off …spatial planning without physically touching a drafting board …

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