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Finally for the technologically minded there are several engine parts and other artefacts from the dredger Anadrian.(One hopes that any asbestos lagging was safely removed.)This is located in Main Gate street on one's right as one walks in the direction of Victory Square. It is reputed to be one of the few surviving 'Palaces' of the Inquisition that were once widespread throughout Europe and the Roman Catholic World.Since Birgu is a peninsula it has a long 'V' shaped waterfront with Fort St Angelo at its tip.The part of Birgu which faces Isla, also known as Senglea (the second of the 'Three Cities', after Birgu) has been developed into a yacht marina.Luckily the building survived the Second World War and many original architecural features are well preserved.Indeed as the inscription alongside states, it dates back to the Norman domination when it functioned as a Court of Law.

The museum is run by the Vittoriosa Historical and Cultural Society .

This sword was his everyday 'business' piece which he used during the Great Siege.

However his ceremonial 'Sunday best' sword which was later gifted to him by the Holy Roman Emperor - Felipe II (Philip) of Spain was looted by a Corsican called Napoleon Bonaparte and then taken to Paris.

It is apt that Malta's maritime museum should be located in Birgu since it was Malta's first harbour town and city.

It is practically on the site of the old Galley Arsenal of the Order of the Knights of St John, in a building which much more recently had served as the bakery for the Royal Navy.

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