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Some of my favorite shows were, For Love and Lemons, Kaohs, Lolli, Frankies, Indah, and Beach Bunny. I did 4 photo shoots while I was down there, which I am including pictures from one of the shoots, shot my @clint.

I was in Miami for an entire week, AND I DIDNT EVEN HAVE A BEACH DAY. If some of you guys were keeping up with some of my social media, @thelaceyclaire, I live streamed a little bit of why things were so hectic.

My friend Delanie and I stayed there for 3 out of the 7 nights, and I swear to you, I will never take those night for granted.

I was able to take some pictures around the hotel because it was so cute. You guys know I travel a lot and I am trying to focus on Youtube a little bit more, thats why my blog has been dry, but I really do want to take the effort to blog about all of previous trips this year.

However, I may move to LA if I land a huge acting gig! MTV: And the most important question of all, clearly: are you dating anyone?

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I also hope my win will inspire Deaf people to do whatever they want to do in life! MTV: Still on the subject of your platform, during your presentation on this last episode, you said you were going to develop an app to teach American Sign Language. You had to brand yourself, had a chance to pitch a business idea and had to give a presentation outlining your future plans.Di Marco, who grew up in Maryland before graduating from Galludet University in Washington DC, was already getting booked for gigs while the season aired, walking in a show for 2Xist and being photographed by Tony Veloz with fellow DC Metro-area contestants Justin Kim and runner-up Mame Adjei.MTV News had the opportunity to find out from Di Marco himself what's next, what he's working on and if he is (or isn't) single. I saw a lot of social media posts from my Deaf community cheering me on, being shocked I won the entire thing and saying a lot of positive things about how I represented them well. Any upcoming shoots or campaigns you’re able to tell us about?MTV: First things first: how does it feel to be the final winner of America’s Next Top Model? I'm on cloud nine all over again after watching the finale episode! That really touched me and that really mattered more than winning. ND: It has been seven months [since I won.] I moved from DC to NYC right after the show.MTV: Could you tell anyone before the show aired that you won? The Deaf community is small and if I slip one little thing, the world would know the next day. I've been doing a lot of photoshoots, have traveled to a lot of Deaf schools giving an inspirational presentation to Deaf students, and also being a spokesperson for LEAD-K, a visual civil right movement to end the nationwide epidemic of language deprivation by promoting language equality, American Sign Language (ASL) and English, as a basic human right for all Deaf babies, leading to a new generation of Deaf children who are Kindergarten-ready.

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