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In very different ways, each of these filmmakers use their first features to give us female protagonists that use — to various levels of self-destruction — their younger sex partners to attempt to push them through life crises (a quarter-life crisis in “Lifeguard,” a mid-life crisis in “Concussion,” and a full-on mental breakdown in “A Teacher”).

They are complex character studies above all else, utilizing inter-generational sex to give their narratives a unique sense of humanity.

SOUTHAMPTON, England — A couple were caught having sex in a Hampshire beauty spot by a motorist who thought they were fighting.

The man and woman clearly thought they wouldn't be seen when they started having sex in the open amongst the heather and gorse of the remote woodland.

Rees, 35, got out of his car and recorded a 10-second video, which shows a man wearing a red T-shirt with his trousers round his ankles on top of a semi-naked woman.

The clip, that was shot near Brockenhurst, has since been uploaded to social media and is fast becoming an Internet hit.

But now that the festival is coming to an official close, let’s take a closer look at the relationship between sex and Sundance 2013, because it’s a fascinating one.

And reducing it to a “Porndance” headline simply doesn’t it do it justice.

Police confirmed they were not investigating the couple in the video.

Watch these mommies playing with different sex toys as well as feeling massive men’s dongs penetrating deep inside of sweet loving holes of theirs.

Some of mommies even squirt from incredible orgasms masturbation and fucking before camera bring them.

Enter Julianne Moore, a fifty-ish woman who shows Don Jon that sex isn’t just about self-pleasure.

Though much more (intentionally) comedic than any of the aforementioned examples, “Don Jon’s Addiction” is just as insightful.

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