How to stop over analyzing dating sites what is consolidating and fragmenting in consumer tastes

You’re not God or capable of Jedi mind tricks – you don’t have that level of influence over someone. I can assure you if you spend years in inaction stewing in a long drawn out thought process, when you ‘go back out there’, you’ll likely wind up in a shady relationship out of over-thinking.

You might be thinking about what happened in your relationship and pondering the coulda, woulda, shoulda. You may be thinking that you wanted them to be the right person and that you don’t want to have to try again.

Here’s the thing: You can think about what you might say or do ‘next time’ something happens, or analyse the crappola out of what they said, or replay scenes from your life over and over again, or stew and ferment in your your own negative self-talk and pain, but at some point, it’s time to puck yourself in the head, drag yourself out of the fog, wake up and get into the present.

It doesn’t take years to decide whether to stay or go or to work out what you feel about someone. This requires being available so you can be emotionally honest with your eyes and ears open.

I’m gonna THINK about how I wanted you to be the right person for me instead of putting myself out there and trying again to find someone and something more deserving of my energies!

” It’s a misappropriation of energy and time to spend it focusing on someone else when you should be focusing on you.

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