Halal dating sites

No chat rooms, no poking, no winks and you can't view the same gender. We even welcome your parents to our website and to be involved in the decision-making process.Half Our Deen uses Tru Match ™ Built-In Compatibility Assessment technology, which will analyze your profile and the person you are interested in to determine if you’re a match.Finding the love of your life is hard enough - finding a person of your faith who will be the love of your life can be daunting.Most of us are aware of some of the potential perils of arranged marriages.Most of the considerations that go into traditional matchmaking have nothing to do with the couple's compatibility and personal history, so it can be like going into a lifelong commitment blind.Arranged marriages are the complete antithesis to modern dating, where harmony in the relationship is assessed through getting to know each other long before the marriage stage.You need character traits that will mesh well together so the two of you can begin to build an amazing life together.

Unfortunately, setting up a website of this magnitude and paying our developers to bring us these amazing features does cost money. We encourage parents to be involved in the decision-making process.

/PRNewswire/ -- Muslim Only, a revolutionary new app, brings together modern Muslims who are looking for love in a culturally diverse world.

Contrary to popular belief, many Muslims are not interested in arranged marriages, especially in this modern age, where metropolitan cities are increasingly multicultural.

We understand how important your privacy is and we strive to ensure that your experience will be enjoyable and rewarding.

Our sole purpose is to help you find your other half, comfortably and privately.

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