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Following her training, the stewardess and her colleagues headed to the cockpit, and what they saw inside made it clear to them that the plane was going down.

After the initial shock, Murray returned to her duties, but was visibly upset.

Footage has emerged of fuel gushing from a tank of a United Airlines flight preparing to take off from New York to Venice.

Rachel Brumfield was a passenger in a window seat on the Boeing 767 at Newark airport.

They say they were not provided with a hotel room, and instead slept on the floor of the baggage reclaim area.

Back in the cabin, flight attendants were doing all they could to keep panic at bay and guide the passengers through the 'roughest landing' of their lives, as Captain Haynes would later put it when addressing the 295 people before impact.

It appears the fuel was leaking from the reserve tank towards the end of the port wing.

Ms Brumfield told the New York Post that her husband ran to alert flight attendants, but was yelled at to sit down.

Next month marks the 25h anniversary the United Airlines Flight 232 crash in Iowa, which has become the subject of a new book that exposes in graphic detail what went on inside the doomed plane on its long, tortuous way down.

Shocking sight: An engine and debris sit in a corn field after United Airlines Flight 232 crashed and broke into pieces July 19, 1989, while attempting to make an emergency landing at the Sioux City Gateway Airport A short time later, the jumbo job would lose one of its three engines along with its hydraulics systems damaged by flying debris, plummeting to earth northeast of Sioux City, Iowa, where it would burst into a massive fireball.

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