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It has been successful, and not just because Tinder and other dating apps are banned or severely frowned on here.Its founder knows his demographic well: residents of the religiously conservative Gaza Strip, with its culture of resistance.

And there are some traditional terms users must accept: “I swear by Allah the Great that all my information is accurate, and that I won’t use this website for entertainment.” What Wesal does not have is profile photos or any online chatting functionality, to protect the privacy of women and because both would be considered “haram,” or forbidden under Islamic law, Sheikha said.Her fiancé, Tareq – Sobouh did not want to give his surname, for fear of being criticised for meeting her spouse online – said he wanted a tall, light-skinned woman with religious manners. “Wesal service is the best discovery of my life,” says Sobouh.“I am the one who will get married, not my family or the society.” In some cases, Wesal’s founder acts something like a traditional khattaba.Through Wesal, she and her fiancé met in less than 24 hours.She requested an educated man who didn’t smoke and who could secure a home in Gaza.

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