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In the darkened cocoon of the movie theatre couples not yet wed could stoke their ardour with a surreptitious holding of hands, the […] If you’re like most people, you’ll find writing about yourself really hard!

And that becomes particularly evident when faced with the task of writing responses for your eharmony profile.

If you’re serious about meeting someone special, look out for these red flags so that you end up with a catch and not a broken heart!

They say one thing and do another Actions really do speak louder than words.

the guys in the band always get more girls than those of us who are musically challenged.

For our prehistoric ancestors it was a stout club and a warm cave (Stop it!Being 18, I had a crush on just about every girl there.I was […] If you are serious about finding romance, don’t be a catfish.Complete the Relationship Questionnaire The first step is to […] Don’t listen to the naysayers.Using the internet to find the person of your dreams is, for the majority of people, an effective, fulfilling and fun experience.

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