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Prices for cooling mist fans are more expensive than traditional standing fans.The inline tubing system to move water and misting nozzles that spray it do add to the cost of the unit.Consider a portable air conditioner with a drainage line or sleep timer so you can run your life without having to continuously watch the air conditioner.A cooling mist fan may run out of water but the air will still move and provide some relief.Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy cool temperatures all year-round and when the weather begins to swelter, you need a way to keep cool without breaking the bank.

Both cooling mist fans and portable air conditioners will provide relief from rising temperatures.If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, can you return or exchange the item? Often times, buyer beware is the standard protocol when shopping for appliances.In order to get the best prices for the best quality goods, comparison shopping can be a real help.The Winner It’s clear that while the cooling mist fan might offer a good level of cooling comfort, the real winner is a good quality portable air-con system.Buying your new portable aircon online Some of the most expansive selections of portable air conditioners and cooling mist fans can be found in the many online shops of the Internet.

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